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Vikash Gupta
452 HSR Layout, Koramangala, Bangalore 560012, India
Email: xxx_dix@userhome.com
Phone: 91-80-XXXX-XXXX


B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai (2001-2005)

Thesis Title: Efficient Algorithm for Terrain Simplification for Fast Rendering


Summary: Improves the state of the art in occlusion plane detection given terrain data. My implementation showed a user controlled drive-through of a complex scene with real-time rendering of 3 million polygons using a 16 node Beowulf cluster. A paper was published in Graphics Interface '04.
St. Xavier's School, New Delhi (Graduated 2000)
Ranked 1st in school in 12th C.B.S.E. Board Examination.


  • Built an optimizing compiler for mC++, a C++ subset with support for dynamic object migration over the network between compatible type-spaces
  • Built a user-level distributed file system based on NFS with write-through caching, fault tolerance and consistency guarantees.

  • Research Assistant, TIFR, Mumbai (Aug - Dec 2004): Implemented a library of image processing functions for edge detection and de-skewing on scanned images. Adapted an off-the-shelf OCR package to operate on scanned mail images with 99% address recognition accuracy at the city/pin-code level and 85% at the street level.
  • Project Trainee, Kreativ Networks, Bangalore: (Jan 2005-present): Joined a 7 person startup implementing campus-wide video-on-demand system for corporate training. Implemented the streaming video component with buffering for jitter reduction. Also, bit-rate reduction in the event of congestion to meet frame-rate guarantees. Extensive performance testing was conducted.

  • Software: SQL Server, Apache, CVS, Mathematica, Latex. Also, audio/video formats and codecs. Languages: C/C++, STL, Python, Javascript/C#
  • Platforms: Linux, FreeBSD, Windows 98, NT 4.0, 2000.
Occlusion Culling using Hyperplane Projection and Frequency Domain Splicing. Pavan Pleasant, Amit Ganguly, and Janaki Rajagopalan. Graphics Interface '01(2004) pp. 323-333.

  • Best B.Tech thesis - 2004. Dept of Computer Science. IIT Chennai Silver Medalist at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), 2003. Seoul, S. Korea.
  • Ranked 18th in IIT Joint Entrance Examination - 2001

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