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Anurag Basu                                                                      
Contact Number:  +91-8xxxxxxxxxx


To secure a position as a Software Engineer that permits me to learn new technologies while utilizing my skills, experience and also providing me opportunities to learn new technologies.
Professional Summary

Ø  Total Experience in IT industry: 2+ years
Ø  Experience in software Release management, deployment and build management.
Ø  Participate & coordinate with enterprise level multi-tiered platform deployments, CM and QA activities with enterprise operations, developers, testers and team members to ensure error free software to Production.
Ø  Maintain Subversion defect tracking matrixes, merges, syncs and rebased development branches/release candidates after successfully implementing projects and on-demand production fixes into production.
Ø  Running, Supporting and monitoring the daily and special builds, merges.
Ø  Working with tools SVN, CVS (version control), ANT, Maven (Build automation and standardization), Eclipse, DBVisualizer, Hudson, Putty , SQL etc.
Ø  Knowledge on Defect tracking Tool, Jira .
Ø  Providing hot fixes and consolidation of various builds weekly.
Ø  Hands on in Software Configuration Management, Experience of using Jenkins/Hudson as Continuous Integration Tool, ANT, Maven for build automation.
Ø  Determine baselines and milestones to coordinate parallel development projects.
Ø  Knowledge of SDLC life cycle and build and release process.
Ø  Knowledge in Object Oriented Programming.
Ø  Educating other team’s about the build’s and SCM tools.
Ø  Experienced in 24x7 Support Environment.
Ø  Working from Oct,2012 till date at ABC Holdings.
Ø  Worked from Aug, 2011 to Oct, 2012 at ABC Solutions.
Ø 6 months of experience in a web developmental company as a web developer.
ABC School of science & Technology
ABC University

B-Tech CSE
Class xii
ABC School,
Chemistry, Biology
Class x
ABC School,


1)  2+ years of experience in Build and Release Engineering

Software Configuration Management for E-Commerce( ABC Holdings)
Project is about maintaining ecommerce website of Sears 24/7. As major part of Sears business is based on Ecommerce site should available all the time, our team job is to build and release code for deployment on appropriate servers to Deployment team. Site will be developed in 4 stages- Integration stage, testing (QA) stage, staging(advanced testing) stage and production. We handle more than 200 developers and 300+ QA testers with each release.
My Contribution in project:-
Ø  Release and deploy code biweekly to production servers.
Ø  Allocating environments (Stag/QA) for the releases planned ahead in consultation with the higher management.
Ø  Identifying, troubleshooting and resolving problems with the build process, and ensuring that the release has been accepted by all parties.
Ø  Code repository maintenance through Subversion and Subversion support.
Ø  Been a merge contact from offshore for code merging process.
Ø  Aligning with Dev, QA, DB, Project management teams for successful releases.
Ø  Scrutinize and list issues that can go to production servers and release/deploy accordingly.
Ø  Playing the role of Release Engineer by supporting developers for subversion configuration spec creation, branching, and deliveries to the integration branch.
Ø  Regulating code Checkout/Check in operation by restricting branches.
Ø  Handling production calls during major enhancements along with Directors and managers.
Ø  Participating in Release meetings to finalize Release with developers/QA/Project Management and discuss backup plans.
Ø  Has worked with onsite teams in night shifts when resource shortage
Ø  Quick resolution/status update of issues, if any with Dev/QA.
Ø  Automation activities which include tools such as Hot wheels (User Interface for fixing patches in Integration with minimum manual intervention) Release Robo (Release tool) Ozone (Complete user interface package for release automation).
Ø  Participated in conference calls to provide status of requests and other release requests ( Bridge Calls)
Ø  Handling QA, Stag deployments and manual instructions (web services, kana and batch jobs) on AIX servers.
Ø  Writing scripts in shell to automate the restarting of services.
Ø  Writing scripts in perl for automating the release process.
Software Configuration Management for Banking(ABC Solutions)
This project consists of activities related to build and release management. This project is based upon Windows Platform with remote server interactions.
The project appeals for extreme proficiency in writing scripts (batch scripting ,Perl , ANT) in order to make day to day work of the developers and the testers easier.
My Contribution in project:-
Ø  Creating the scripts to make the daily deployment process automated for all builds.
Ø  Creating Scripts  for Sending Log Verification, exporting and importing of database, taking backups, copying DBloader, Server and other required folders to release area from the machine where it is executed for all builds .
Ø  Monitoring and running various builds manually, working with tools such as SVN, ANT, Eclipse, DBVisualizer working with servers LDAP, JBOSS etc. publishing artefacts on various databases, taking backups , releasing the build etc.
Ø Exporting and importing to various databases, taking dumps, svn tag creation,       providing consolidation scripts for various builds, delivering hot fixes, applying patch upgrades/fixes.
Ø  Writing script using perl for Sorting Bugid’s and deleting the duplicate artifact ids,   using DbCompare tool for comparing the databases
Ø  Participated in all phases of build and release activities.
Ø  Validate/ Smoke test the project and verify it is working as expected.
Ø  Bug tracking using internal tool (ctf updater) , uploading hotfixes and other  special   deliveries through Filezilla.
Ø  Creating and maintaining ANT build files for automating builds.
Ø  Debugging compilation and runtime issues in build failures, identifying build breaks and reporting to the development team.
Ø  Managing SCM tools like SVN, ANT.
Ø  Troubleshooting and resolving issues related to SCM tools.
Ø  Educating other team’s about the build’s and SCM tools.
2) 6 Months of exp. in ABC Technologies and Services pvt ltd as a web developer:

1)  Project Name            :    Autospot(Virtual Car Dealer Shop)

Team Size                       :    02(under guidance of an employee from company)
Project Description        :    Database used: - My Sql
                                              Designing part: - Dream weaver, Photoshop,Html.
                                              Programming Language: - PHP, JavaScript
                       I created a portal which offers free selling and buying of vehicles for local users, dealers etc.It contained all the latest information about the new and old cars, two wheelers in India(specially in Kerala). It charges only from dealers.

2)  Project Name            :    Darjeeling Properties

Team Size                       :    01(self made)
Project Description        :        programming Language: - PHP                                 This website provides free selling of property specially real-estate.
My Own website:-

Volunteer Experience:-

Ø  Campus Ambassador Of Twenty19(august 2010 to November 2010) : liasioning with college, campus marketing & reach out, networking and mentoring, explaining about need of internships.
Ø  Campus Representative Of Opera(2011)
Ø  Campus Representative Of Mozilla Firefox(2011)


Programming:                                   C, C++, Php, Perl, Shell
Scripting :                                          Batch, Shell, Perl, ANT, Maven
Version Control Tool:                       SVN, CVS
Continuous Integration Tool:          Hudson/Jenkins
Databases:                                          MYSQL
Servers:                                              Apache server, IIS, LDAP, JBOSS, Websphere 5.0
OS Platforms:                                    MS-Windows All Versions, Linux, Unix
Basic knowledge:                               HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Asp.Net, DOS, Photoshop, SEO, Hacking.
Other Tools:                                       Eclipse, Dreamweaver 8,Filezilla , Bug tracking   Tool ,Visual Studio, Putty, Jira.
Other Certifications:

Ø  6 months internship at crayons creations
Ø  Won II prize in symposium,2010 at Velalar College Of Eng & Tech.
Ø  Certificate of excellence for campus ambassador,2010 of                   
Ø  6th national IT aptitude test
National rank = 9962
84 percentile (among the top 16%)
Year: - Feb 24, 2010. 
Ø certified  from NIIT, siliguri
Ø  National Science Olympiad
8th national science Olympiad
Percentile score 65.06
State rank: - 91
All India rank: - 1838

Web presence:-

Blog:- This blog is to help students know more about various student opportunities
My LinkedIn Profile:

Personal Information:-

Name: Anurag Basu
Father’s name: A K Basu
Date of Birth: 2/10/1988
Nationality: Indian
Languages: Hindi, English, Bengali.
Hobbies: fishing, surfing net, Music, Movies, cricket, chess.                       
Permanent Address:  180 M G Road, Bangalore - xxxxxx   
*References can be provided if needed.*

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