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Shaurya Agarwal

180 M G Road
Bangalore, Karnataka
e-mail: shaurya@abc.com
Company Name
ABC Services Pvt.Ltd.
Dear Sir or Madam:
I am currently exploring job opportunities. As my resume reveals, I have a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. I have more than three years of professional software development experience in SAP ABAP and almost 6 month experience in SAP BO. I enjoy working in a high energy and high performance work environment. I have worked on and learned a great deal from several very interesting and complex commercial projects. I am anxious to take on new challenges and build upon my knowledge base. I am excited by the prospect of working with an organization that is both an unquestioned leader in its programming niche and an enthusiastic risk taker in an entirely new frontier.
I have enclosed my resume for your review. I would like the opportunity to meet and share more about my qualifications and the ways in which I can contribute to the team. Thank you for your consideration.
Shaurya Agarwal



Experience Summary

Ø  3.2 Years of experience in SAP ABAP Consultant in the SAP R/3 Implementation.

Ø  Worked on various ABAP Areas– Data Dictionary, Function Modules, Interactive Reports, ALV      Reports, Smart Forms and Function Module-Pool Programming.

Ø  Experience in Coding, review and testing the objects. Technical experience applies to all major             areas of ABAP development.

Ø  Actively invoice as a team member for sap R/3 implementation projects, which Include Design       Development and testing.

Ø  Implementation Project-2                  Support Project-5.

Education and qualifications

Ø  Completed B.E.( Computer Engineering) from ABC Engineering College, (Bangalore)
Ø  H.S.C (PCM) from ABC BOARD) with First Class.
Ø  S.S.C (Science) from ABC Board with Second Class.

ABAP Skills

Ø  Reports: Creation of Classical, Interactive, ALV and OOABAP Reports.
Ø  Layout Sets: Creation of new SAP scripts, Smart forms and related control programs.  
      Modification of Standard SAP scripts
Ø  BDC: Development of Classical Batch Input and Call transaction programs for uploading data
      from legacy system to SAP system for various transactions.
Ø  Data Conversion/Interfaces using LSMW.
Ø  Module Pool Programming: Development of application using Module Pool Programming.
Ø  Data Dictionary:  Creation and maintenance of tables, structures, views and other dictionary      objects.
Ø  Familiar with SQL trace and Run Time Analysis.
Ø  Enhancements: Conceptual knowledge on User Exits and Badi’s to enhance the functionality of             standard business applications.
Ø  Modularization techniques: Include, Subroutines, Function modules, Macro’s.
Ø  Menu Painter: Development of menu interfaces for various screens and interactive lists.
Ø  Screen Painter: Development of screens for user-defined transactions and writing of associated            modules mainly for data entry in user-defined tables.
Ø  Conceptual knowledge on EDI and BAPI.
Ø  ABAP query reporting, Debugging and performance tuning.
Ø  Knowledge in Database management systems and SQL Server 2008.
Ø  Development of application using Object Oriented ABAP.
Ø  Cross Applications: ALE Configuration and Settings, Distribution of Master Data by using stand    alone Programs. IDOCs: Creation, Extended IDOCs and Archiving of IDOCs.
Ø  Adobe Forms.
Ø  Webdynpro ABAP-Developed Web Applications & Web Based Reports using WebDynpro ABAP framework.
Ø  Extensive contributions in 1 Implementation, 5 Support project.

Technical Skills

Operating systems   :     DOS, Microsoft® Windows 2000, Microsoft® Windows XP,   Microsoft®                         Windows Server 2003, Microsoft® Windows Vista, Microsoft®7.
Languages                :     SAP ABAP/4, SAP BO.
Applications              :     ECC. 5.0, ECC. 6.0.
Database                   :     MS-Access, MS SQL
Tools                         :     Microsoft Visual Studio 6 /2003/2005

Employer Details

Organization        :     ABC Pvt Ltd
Duration               :     May 2012 to Till Date
Designation          :     Associate consultant SAP- ABAP

Intellect Bizware is a Software Development and IT Business consulting its expertise in SAP, as an End to End services provider, headquarters in India.

Client     :   ABC (implementation)
ü   Created bapi for MB1A,MB1B,MB1C
ü   Created BAPI for CJ20N
ü   Created smartforms for preshipment, post shipment packing list.
ü    Created smart form for billing invoice
ü   exit for Billing block
ü   exit for va01
ü   BDC for customer & material master

Client      :       ABC Chemical Pvt Ltd (Baroda)
Role        :        ABAP  Team Lead

Roles and responsibilities-

ü  Mentoring 5 juniors presently working on the deliverables.
ü  Assigning task to consultant on based of priority and complexity.
ü  Developed VAT registers for SD and MM module
ü  Developed Purchase register, Service Tax register , Check Register & Sales register
ü  Worked on BDC for FK02 (Change Vendor)
ü  Worked on Vendor Ledger, Customer Accounts Report,Vat Return Report, Excise Report, GL
       Account Balance Report

Client      :       ABC Pharmaceutical
Role         :       ABAP  Programmer
Role and Responsibilities
ü  Created a Smartform for Tax Invoice.
ü  Modification in a standard FI report which adds additional column in Output.
ü  Enhancement for Tcode Create Sales Order Tcode VA01.
ü  Created a Smartform for Purchase Order.

Organization        :     ABC Software Pvt Ltd
Duration               :     June 2011 to May 2012
Designation          :     Associate consultant SAP- ABAP

Coconut Pvt Ltd is a Software Development and IT Business consulting services provider headquartered in India. Coconut's proven global delivery Model helps clients reduce their TCO While enhancing their return on investments.

Client              :     ABC Industries
Role                 :     ABAP  Programmer

Role and Responsibilities

·         User Exit for MM01
·         Smartform for Purchase Order
·         Sales Register creation
·         Smart form created for Tax invoice
·         Authentication for printing Invoice
·         BDC for FB70

About Company:

            The Company that is now BEICO started operations in 1937 with the avowed intention of bringing world class Electrical Insulating Materials and Enameled Copper Wires to the Indian Market. This desire of our founders is still sacrosanct after more than 70 years in the business.

Client                    :     ABC Textiles (Implementation)
Role                 :     ABAP  Programmer

Role and Responsibilities
·         Smart form created for Payslip
·         Sales Register creation
·         Fabric inspection Entry in Module pool.
·         Purchase Register creation
·         Enhancement in MM01/MM02/MM03(Additional field in Basic Data 2)
·         Smartform for Barcode.

About Company:
             Sanathan textiles operating since the year 2000, Sanathan is the largest member of the group in size and production. Delivering the finest quality Cotton and Polyester yarns, Airtex yarns balances the dynamism and mass production.

Client              :     ABC Pvt ltd
Role                 :     ABAP  Programmer

Role and Responsibilities

·         Report ZQFPS for Pay slip Entry
·         Smart form for Sticker printing
·         Report Heading creation for multiple programs
·         Smartform for PO

About Company:
            Gokulanand Textiles Industries is one of the fastest growing group of companies in the field of POY Spinning & Yarn Processing. This is the channel of AALIDHRA Group of companies. It is the pioneer & market leader in Textile machinery manufacturing under the dynamic leadership of Shri Hansrajbhai Gondalia.. Gokulanand started in 1992 in Indias leading Textile Centre, Surat. Gokulanand now emerged as the largest manufacturer of Air Tex yarn (ATY) in India.

Organization        :     Prism Informatics Ltd (US based IT service proving company)
Duration               :     February, 2010 to  June, 2011.
Designation             Associate consultant  SAP- ABAP

Prism Informatics Ltd. (BSE: 505530) is a Software Development and IT Business consulting services provider headquartered in India. Prism caters to the Enterprise Customers through its range of services from Software Application Development and Strategic IT Consulting, Implementation and support of third Party Enterprise-wide products, including Oracle (Platinum partner),, SAP, Cognos, TIBCO, and Sybase, Promoted by Idhasoft (SAP Gold Patner), CMMI Level 3, one of the rapidly growing company Tremendous IT Industry experience as well as Pioneer in offshore IT services Appreciated by leading companies across the globe.

Client                    :     ABC Solutions Pvt Ltd.
 Role                      :     ABAP Programmer

ü  Created a report that lists Vendor Name, Material Supplied, planned and actual delivery, Times, Payment Terms and Prices.
ü  Purchase Register which would help to analysis purchase history vendor wise, material wise, to pull out data table used: - EKKO, EKPO, KONV, LFA1, LFB1.
ü  Sales register report which would help to analysis sales and collection customer wise, to match the requirement tables used were VBRK, VBRP, KNA1, KNB1, BSID, BKPF, and KONV. 
ü  User Exit for Sales order creation according order type.
ü  BDC for create Vendor for Tcode XK01.
ü  Created a Smartform for Tax Invoice.
ü  Modification in a standard FI report which adds additional column in Output.
ü  Enhancement for Tcode Create Sales Order Tcode VA01.
ü  Created a Smartform for Purchase Order.

Client                    :     ABC Properties
Role                       :     ABAP Programmer

GODREJ’s strategic business consulting services focus on enhancing business performance of its clients by streamlining processes, reducing organizational risk and leveraging the global sourcing / outsourcing organizational model.GODREJ's services deliver a solution designed to meet our clients’ business and technology needs.

ü  To Develop ALV Report for Godrej customers.
ü  To Develop ALV Report for every product with their company code and description.
ü  To develop classical report of revenues for every particular item.
ü  To Develop SMARTFORMS for their customers.
ü  Configuration and testing the Scenarios as per the Clients new Business Process.
ü  Setup comprehensive testing methodology for new scenarios.
ü  Prepared documents for end user manuals and review of the same.
ü  Modification in Smartforms, Reports and Module Pool as per the requirement.

Personal Details:
Marital Status                  :    Married

Languages Nationality     :    Indian

Gender                            :    Male
Known                             :     English, Hindi

I vouch for the authenticity of the information produced above.

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