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Varun Singhania
Contact No:+91-90000000000
Nerul,Mumbai-420210 (Maharashtra)

To be a part of an organization where get a chance to use my knowledge and skills to contribute in the progress of the organization as well as myself.


 Programming Languages:  C, C++, Core Java, J2EE and Visual Basic.
 Web Technology: HTML, CSS, Java Script, Servlet and JSP.
 Database: MYSQL, SQL Server And MS Access.
 Concepts:  DBMS and Data Structure.
 Operating system: Windows and Linux.


Completed Fulltime Post Graduate Diploma In Advanced Software Technology from CDAC, Mumbai.


Board/ University

Master of  Computer Application (M.C.A)

ABC National Open  University(IGNOU)

ABC College

73.65 %

Bachelor of  Computer Application (B.C.A)

ABC National Open  University(IGNOU)

ABC College

69.36 %


ABC Intermediate Education Council (BIEC), Patna.

ABC College

75.69 %

Secondary School Examination(S.S.C.)

Central Board of Secondary

High School



1.     Performance Builder(CDAC)
 Project summary:-                                                     The objective of the project is to create an online
                                                                                     Examination system using which we take job.
         Key Learning:-                                                   JSP, HTML, Servlet, and Java Script
         Back End:-                                                          SQL Server.
         Team Size:-                                                         10
Project Duration:-                                          3 months                                                          
Role:-                                                              Design and documentation
2.   E-Auction(CDAC)
             Project summary:-                                     The objective of the project was to design a
                                                                                 website for online auction of products where
                                                                                  general people can place their bids .At the end of
                                                                                   auction the person with the lowest and unique           
                                                                                   bid out of all bids placed for that product will be      
                                                                                    declared as the winner.
             Key Learning:-                                              JSP, HTML, Servlet and Java Script.    
             Back End:-                                                      My SQL 
              Team Size:-                                                    5                                              
             Project Duration:-                                           3 months                                            
             Role:-                                                               Design and validation.
       PROJECT :
      3.    Player information system
             Project summary:-                     The objective of the project is to give information
                                                                About match, stadium and players.
             Front End:-                                                          Java
             Back End:-                                                           Oracle.
             Project Duration:-                                               6 months                                           

       4.  Book Shop Monitoring and Automation System
             Project summary:-                                                The objective of the project was to buying and selling
                                                                                              Of book.
             Front End:-                                                            Java
             Back End:-                                                             Oracle.
             Project Duration:-                                                 6 months                                           

Date of Birth             :      04th March 1986.
Languages Known     :      English, Hindi.
Nationality                 :      Indian.

                       I declare that all the information provided above is correct and true.

     Place: Mumbai.                                                                                                                      Varun Singhania

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