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 CC SHIVKUMAR                      

180, M G Road,
Korlagunta,                                                                             Mobile: +918000000000(M)
Tirupathi-00000                                                                      Email:    

Career Objective:
To utilize my technical skills for achieving the target and delivering the best performance in an esteemed organization I would like to implement my innovative ideas, skills and creativity for accomplishing the projects.

Educational Qualifications:

    Board / University
Year of Passing

 Computer       Science and Engineering
ABC College, Chennai
ABC University



ABC College, Vijayawada

    S. S. C
ABC Medium High School, Tirupathi
State Board

Computer Skills:
Languages                   : C, HTML, JAVA (Beginner)
Database                     : SQL,
Operating Systems      : Windows, UNIX
Application Software  : MS office, Excel, Rational Rose

Ø  Participated in a state level Badminton camp in 2006

Ø  Active volunteer in NSS for two years.
Ø  Organized Zerone 2kA, a national level technical symposium.
Ø  Student’s representative at school and college.
Academic Project:
Title                            :           Detection Of DDOS Attacks And Defenses Against IP Spoofing
Tools                           :           Java, JavaFX, Netbeans, Windows Platform
Team Size                   :           Three
DESCRIPTION        :           IP spoofing is nothing but IP address forgery. IP spoofing is mostly used in denial-of-service which exacerbates many security threats and greatly enhances Internet security. It is a hacking technique in which a cracker gains access to a network which receive packets from other networks. Normally a packet will contain the IP address of the computer. Hacker obtains the IP address of a legitimate host and alters packet headers so that the legitimate host appears to be the source.  In such attacks, the goal is to flood the victim with traffic attacker does not care about receiving responses from the attacked packets. Packets with spoofed addresses are thus suitable for such attacks. This allows devices in the receiving network to know where it came from and It sends a reply to be routed back
Title                          :           Passport Automation System

Tools                         :           Java, Windows platform

Team Size                 :          Three

DESCRIPTION     :        Passport Automation System is a java application, which runs on Windows platform. The application is used to automate the passport application process. It involves the few operations like, client registration, passport registration and payment process, passport renewal process and passport inquiries.

Personal |Details:
Date of Birth               :           23st April 1991 
Sex                              :           Male 
Nationality                              :           Indian 
Marital Status              :           Single 
Languages Known      :           English, Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. 
Passport Number         :           J936481
Telephone                    :           +91-0000000000
E-mail Id                     : 

                                    I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars.

Place:                                                                                                   (CC Shivkumar)

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