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Nilanjana Priya
Mob. 9000000000
E-Mail –

                    Challenging career in IT industry, in an organization, which offers abundant opportunity to innovate, grow and develop.

Academic Credentials:




ABC University




ABC university, Kolhapur




ABC Board




ABC Board


Technical skills:

Operating Systems                : Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 7.

Programming Languages      : C, C++, C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, HTML.

Databases                              : MS-SQL Server 2005, MS-Access, Oracle 10g.

Academic projects:

1. Project Name                : Center Management System (BCA)
    Role                                : Designer, Developer
    Duration                        : Dec2007-Mar 2008.
    Team Size                      : 4
    Technology Used           : VB, MS-Access.
    Description                   : This system is basically designed for private institutes or coaching classes. It includes course enquiry, admission details & fee calculation. In this system various kinds of reports are automatically generated.

Work Description          : As a designer I needed to design the table structure to store the student   information & course details.

2.   Project name               :  Hospital Management System(MCA)
Duration                       :  July 2011-Nov 2011.
Role                              :  Designer, Developer.
Team size                     :  3                      
Technologies used       :, Oracle 10g.
Description                :   proposed system stores detailed information of doctors (visiting, non-visiting), patients & also staff members of the hospital. It calculates the bill for patients, salary of doctors & staff and charges for visiting doctors. Report generation is also there.

Work description        :  As a designer I needed to design the table structure to store the patient, doctor & staff details. Part of web design included designing of pages.

3.  Project Name                : Knowledge Management System (MCA) 
Duration                       : Jan 2012-April2012
      Role                              : Designer, Developer            
      Team Size                     : 1
      Technology Used          : ASP.NET with C#, SQL Server 2005.
      Description                    : Proposed system stores detailed information of project related            document. All the data will be maintained at central location in relational database. Every user will be given user-id to log-in system, where he can log document, update the document and store the document. Readily upload the latest updates, allows user to download the alerts & to share the documents.

Work Description  : As a designer I needed to design the table structure to store the Project, Employee, Document, Category, Subcategory, Type, Technology details. Part of web design included designing of ASP.NET pages.

Personal Information:
Name                        : Nilanjana Priya
Address                    : 180 M G Road, Bangalore - 000000
Birth Date                : 31/05/1988
Languages               : Marathi, Hindi, English.

                 I here declare that all statements made in this application are true, complete and correct to the best of knowledge and belief.

DATE   :
PLACE :                                                                                        Nilajana Priya

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