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AJAY kumar
180 M G Road, Bangalore -xxxxxx
Å: 91- 8xxxxxxxxx

: ajaykumar@abc.com

CAREER OBJECTIVE                                                                                 To work in an environment which provides a congenial atmosphere and the scope to expose my potentiality with due challenges; want to grow within a group and want to demonstrate the group culture to help in achieving the organizational goals.



·         MCA (ABC, Odisha), from ABC Institute of Technology with XX CGPA (2013).
·         BCA (ABC University), from ABC Institute of Information and Management XX %( 2009).
·         Inter mediate in Science (A.B.C) from ABC Mahavidyalaya (2006).
·         HSE (BSE) from ABC Bidya Pitha (2004).


Languages                               : C, C++, DS, Java
JEE TECHNLOGIES                 : Servlet, JSP, JDBC
Java Frameworks                     : Struts 2.x, Spring 2.x , Hibernate 3.x

Platforms                                 : Win 98/XP/2000 Professional, 2007

Web Technologies                   : HTML, JavaScript
Databases                                : Oracle, 10g, My SQL Server, MS-Access
WEB Server                           : Apache Tomcat Server
Application Server                   : Oracle Web logic Server
IDE Tools                                 : My Eclipse, Eclipse 3.7.X
Logging Framework            : LOG4J


  1. MVC Design Pattern.
  2. Business Delegate Design Pattern.
  3. Data Access Object (DAO) Design Pattern.

     I was working for ABC It Solution as a Software Engineer (Java Developer)
    from Aug-24th-2013.


E-Commerce Connectivity Service is a website application (ERP)
Operating System       : WINDOWS OS (Vista Ultimate /XP 2 / 2000 Server / 2003 Server)
Workbench IDE          : My Eclipse 6.1 Blue Edition
 Web Server               : Apache Tomcat Server 6.0.14
Language                      : Java
            Technology                 : J2SE, J2EE Servlet, JSP, JDBC
            Framework                   : Struts 2.x
Web Technologies          : HTML, JavaScript
Databases                       : Oracle, 10g,
 WEB Server                : Apache Tomcat Server  6.x

Project Description
Ecommerce is enabling or achieving your business objectives by using information technology to enhance or transform your business processes. 
Ecommerce includes business to business (B2B); cutting costs in transactions between businesses and, business to consumer (B2C); sales of goods and services. Ecommerce is carried out on the Internet and has become the vehicle driving the phenomenal growth of the Internet industry.

      E-Commerce Connectivity service The  Online  Shopping  Cart is  a  web  based  application  intended  for  online  customers.  The  main objective  of  this  application  is  to  make  it  interactive  and  its  ease  of  use.  It would make searching, viewing and selection of a product easier. It contains a sophisticated search engine for users to search for products specific to their needs. The search engine provides an  easy and convenient way to search for  products where a  user can  search for  a product interactively  and  the  search  engine  would  refine  the  products  available  based  on  the user’s input. The user can then view the complete specification of each product.  They can also  view  the  product  reviews  and  also  write  their  own  reviews. The  main  emphasis  lies  in  providing  a  user-friendly  search  engine  for  effectively  showing  the  desired  results  and  its  drag  and  drop behavior.

·         Ability to learn technical concepts and tools quickly.
·         Able to work in a challenging, fast-paced and changing environment.
·         Negotiator possessing good listening and communicating skills and having good team spirit.

Extra-Curricular Activities

·        Given presentation on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in college.
·         Event organizer in school and college annual day function and other technical events.


Name                            : Ajay Kumar
Father Name                 : Bijay Kumar
Date of Birth                 : 16th June 1988
Marital Status                : Single
Nationality                      : Indian
Linguistic skills              : English, Hindi, Telugu, Oriya.
Hobbies                        : Listening music, traveling, reading novels


                        I hereby declare that the above all information given by me is true to the best of my knowledge.
Date:                                                                                                                Ajay Kumar

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