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Associate Developer                                                                               Email  :       
Indranil C                                                                                                  Mobile: +91-0000000000


§  To have a challenging career in the industry and to associate with an organization that can utilize my   skills, ability and knowledge and provide me an opportunity for Professional growth and satisfaction.


§  Currently working with ABC Software in Bangalore.
§  1.10 years of experience in SAP ABAP Development including Web Technologies like Webdynpro ABAP.
§  Experience in ABAP, Webdynpro ABAP development and enhancement.


§  B.E in Computer Science from ABC College of Engineering with Percentage 70.36% affiliated to ABC University, Coimbatore 2011.

WORKING EXPERIENCE                                                                                                  

  • Working as an Associate Developer in ABC Software in Bangalore from Jun 2011 to till date.

SAP SKILLS SUMMARY                             

§  Webdynpro ABAP.
§  Knowledge on OOPS.
§  Data Dictionary: Search Helps, Views, Structures, Table-types, etc
§  ABAP Reporting: Basic, Interactive and ALV Reports
§  Function Module
§  Module pool programming
§  Batch Data Communication using Call Transaction Methods and session method.
  §  Enhancements: Business User Exits
§  Forms Development with Smart Forms.

PROJECTS PROFILE                                  

Role                     :  Webdynpro Abap Developer
          Environment         :  SAP R/3 (Version ECC6.0)
          Client                    :  ABC Software.
Duration               :  Aug-12 to Nov-12.

Webdynpro Application: #1

§    To develop application is used to maintain Appraisal Details for each employee in the company, which                                                        occurs once in every six month to know their performance, for this purpose a webdynpro application has been developed and integrated in the portal.
Roles and Responsibilities:
§  Developed a Webdynpro application for capturing the employee self appraisal and his superiors appraisal details.
§  Developed multiple view and UI elements to design the Appraisal layout screens and also event mail is triggered automatically to the authorized person.
§  To maintain the appraisal detail of the every employee by HR.
§   Each employee has to fill the self rating for his own appraisal. The superior one and superior two also have to fill the rating for the same. 
§  After the approval of HR, it will store in database.
Webdynpro Application: #2

§   Developed Webdynpro Application for displaying HR Approval appraisal details in ALV.
Role                   :  Webdynpro Abap Developer
          Environment       :  SAP R/3 (Version ECC6.0)
          Client                   :  ABC Industries Ltd.
          Duration              :  Feb-12 to Jul-12.


§  Grievance and Complaint Management.

Project Descripction :

§  The main objective of this project is to track the grievances from the employees and to respond it in a                                            quick time, for this purpose a webdynpro application has been developed and integrated in the portal, along with the ticket generation in solman server.

 Roles and Responsibilities:
§  Developed a Webdynpro Application for employee grievances and management system that has been integrated in the portal.
§  Developed multiple view and UI elements to design the grievance layout screens and also event mail is triggered automatically to the authorized person.
§  The tickets generated are integrated with SAP SOLMAN and are maintained in that server.

§  The connection to SOLMAN server has been done with the help of a BAPI.

§  The generated tickets are then viewed from the SOLMAN server, based on the priority and processed by the HR department.


            Role                    :  Abap Developer
            Environment       :  SAP R/3 (Version ECC6.0)
            Client                   :  ABC Technologies (India) Limited 
            Duration               :  Aug-11 to Jan -12.

Abap Application: #1

Project Description:
§  The goal of this project is to ensure the products that are delivered from the Plant are defective free   which will be handled with the help of a Bar code and if any defective products are detected an entry       has to been made in the database by the inspector at the gate during the inspection, which will be handled further.
Roles Responsibilities:

§  Developed a Transaction to inspect the material at the gate by the inspector.

§  Each inspector will be given an id, where he can log in into the transaction by giving his inspector id and his password.

§  Developed a transaction for creating inspector id, which will be stored in the custom database table.

§  Developed Various Module pool screens in the transaction to monitor the outgoing materials and if any material is defective, then it has to be noted.

§  Developed an ALV report inside the transaction to show the defective and another alv for showing non-defective materials.

§  Print option is provided, where a smart form is called in background processing and inspection details will be printed in sheet.

Abap Application: #2
Roles Responsibilities:


  • Generated a report which gives PR (Purchase Requisition) analysis using ALV.
  • Developed a report which gives PO (Purchase Order) Pricing details.
  • Developed ALV Report for Production Order with Reschedule date.


  • Developed classical batch input program for transaction MK01 to transfer the vendor address into R/3 system.

Smart Forms:

§   Developed smart forms to printing purchase order details.
§   Developed smart forms to printing invoices.

PERSONAL PROFILE                                 

             Father’s Name                             :  Mr.Chinnasamy.M
Date of Birth                              :  07.02.1988
PAN number                                :  XXXXXXXXXX
            Languages known                     :  English, Tamil
           Contact Address                      :  #180 M G Road,
            I hereby declare that all the details furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.     

                                                                                                                                    Yours faithfully,     
                                                                                                                                    (Indranil C)

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