Electronics and Communication Engineering Resume

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Ragunath Pandey                                                                  
                                                        Mail     : ragunath@abc.com
                                                                  Mobile: +91 8000000000               

Professional Objective:
       “Seeking a suitable and rewarding career, with an esteemed Organization, this would offer good advancement potential, challenges and opportunities to zoom my carrier growth, contributing to the success of the Organization”

Ø   Name of the course      :  B.E (Electronics and Communication)
Year of Passing            :  Apr 2012
University                   :  ABC University
College                       :  ABC Institute Of Technology, Chennai
Percentage of Marks     :  6.9(CGPA)

Ø   Name of the course      :  H.S.C
Year of Passing            :  March 2008
School                        :  ABC Higher Secondary School, Karivalam.
Percentage of Marks     :  79.6%

Ø   Name of the course      :  S.S.L.C
Year of Passing            :  March 2005
School                        :  ABC High School, Subbulapuram.
Percentage of Marks     :  89.7%

Technical skills:                  
    Languages                            : C, C++, COBOL and JCL.
    Operating Systems               : Z/OS, WINDOWS XP/2007.
    Database                               : DB2.
    File management system         : VSAM.

Area of interest:                  
Ø   Digital Electronics


Personal traits:                  
Ø     Good analytical skills.
Ø     Good written and verbal skills.

Academic Project:
Tools used &
Technologies      : EMBEDDED C/ASM, KEIL COMPILER 
Team size            : 3                           
Description          :
            This project is mainly developed for Deaf and Dumb People who express their feelings. Our goal is to design a glove which has sensors to translate the movements of the fingers to words. Depending upon the movement of the finger the required thing is displayed in LCD. This method ensures effective communication.
             Build glove sensor circuit for each finger. Sew sensors onto glove to more accurately detect the bending and movement of the fingers. Send the output of sensor circuit to signal condition unit for parsing the finger positions. The signal condition unit inputs the hand position to Microcontroller unit (MCU) which translates to ISL using an efficient matching algorithm.
              MCU also transmits the word communicated using glove through RF transmitter after encoding. The RF receiver receives the word transmitted and decodes the word. The decoded word is processed by MCU and displayed in LCD terminal.MCU also sends the processed word to a speaker for providing voice output of the sign.

Personal profile:
    Father’s Name               : S M Pandey
     Date of Birth                 : 10th February 1990
     Sex                                     : Male
 Permanent Address       : 180 M G Road
                                            Sankarankovil Taluk,
                                            Tirunelveli Dist, TamilNadu-622 000
     Languages known         : Tamil and English
     Hobbies                          : Listening to the Music, Watching TV and playing Cricket

I hereby declare that above furnished details are true to the best of my knowledge.

Place: Chennai                                                                             Ragunath Pandey

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