Mechanical Engineer Resume for Fresher

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180 M G Road, Bangalore - xxxxxxx, India

In pursuit of challenging assignments which would facilitate the maximum utilization and application of my broad skills and expertise in making a positive difference to the organization

à  Solutions Focused, Proactive and industrious B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) Professional with excellent academic background
à  Ability to analyze, organize, and manage challenging projects that promote growth through individual and product achievement
à  Process oriented; willing to work in target based environment; poised to tackle the multifaceted challenges of rapidly changing corporate circumstance
à  Dedicated and highly ambitious to achieve personal as well as organizational goals
à  Friendly with an upbeat attitude
à  Excellent decision making skills with a positive approach

Core Strengths

à  Hardworking and quick learner
à  Commitment towards work
à  Sincerity and Self-Confidence
à  Good team player
à  Problem solving Ability
à  Positive Attitude

Educational Credentials

à  B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) from ABC College of Engineering and Technology, ABC in 2013 with 76%
à  12th from ABC Jr. College in 2009 with 96%
à  10th from ABC High School in 2007 with 81%                       

Computer Expertise

à  Software’s: AutoCAD, CATIA, CNC Programming
à  Languages: C
à  Networking

Scholastic Project

Mini Project: STEAM TURBINE CASINGS                                                                                                                                                
à A turbine casing is a massive cast structure with a large wall thickness. A casing is subjected to thermal stress across a wall, and to cyclic and sustained pressure/stress in service. Frequent start-ups and start downs generate cyclic compressive and tensile stresses in the casing walls.
à  Vehicles can cause air pollution by the fumes and exhaust coming from the tail pipe. Developed a model-based muffler system for automobiles To reduce maximum extent of Air Pollution coming out from the Automobile engines, To reduce the loudness of the sound pressure created by the engine by of Acoustic quieting, To reduce back pressure created in the Automobile engine.

Training / Conference

à  Attended Implant training in CITD
à  Actively participated in Robotic Event conducted by ARK Technology

Personal Specifics

Date of Birth:                    08th July, 1991
Languages Known:         English, Hindi & Telugu
Reference:                       Available upon request

(Aninash Roy)

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