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Seeking a good start in a global organization which will enhance my technical and interpersonal skills adding value both to me and the company
Educational Profile:      
Year of Passing
        Aggr %

Up to 7th semester(IPU)

Diploma (+3)
ABC ,Delhi

Computer science
High School  10th



Ø     Project Title: ALERTGAME using sound pressure level and animation.

Description:- Alert Game using sound pressure level and animation is basically an Android game developed using java in which it is shown that an energy-less giraffe(neck-down image) is alerted by transmitting it sound through microphone which is later calibrated using sound pressure level(SPL) meter. After that due to change in the reading of SPL meter new images are loaded subsequently with respective sounds. These images and sound are loaded in such a way it will give you a feel of animation going-on. It appears that the neck down(energy-less) giraffe is slowly getting alerted and its neck is becoming straighter(energetic giraffe). Here we have used two types of noise white and pink noise respectively. Platform:-Android Role :-Developer

Projects(Industrial Training)

Ø      Project Title: Work Order Management System.

DESCRIPTION: This application is developed to manage the day to day work of contractors. The can login to the application and perform various type of task associated with managing their work. The application interacts with web service to communicate data.
One can also change the status and check the path between the source and destination. You can also send update (via SMS) to the client . Currently, in Field working environment where a customer places an order for an organization, the manager has to inform the worker every time about the new order received by the organization from any customer.  The supervisor also need to inspect the site for the verification of the work completed. A separate time need to be given to maintain all the records of the work. Work Order Management software  enables the  manager to create  new work orders. A technician or worker  can run the application on a mobile device and complete the service records and also updates the current progress of the work.

Technology:- Android
Role: Programmer
Duration: 6 weeks
Company: Mosaic Technology, Noida
Minor Project

Ø      Project Title: Android Based Music Player.

DESCRIPTION: This project gives our researching work on how to design a music player based on Android OS. The music player, which uses the front-back end architecture, is divided into the art music playback and the part of player interface and music list. Besides the playback functions, the music player can provide song playlist option where user can maintain the desired song list, showing the previous and next music name with corresponding information and operating controller into a panel. The music player runs stably and conveniently during testing .

Role: Programmer
Duration: 4 months
Institution: Amity School of Engineering and Technology, New Delhi

Projects(Summer Training)

DESCRIPTION:- INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for window based desktop provides the listing of stock and goods such that it can reviewed in future and the profit of the retailer could be maximized. The system performs efficiently in any system provided the java should be installed in it as the platform used for this project is core java standard edition. Database used for storing the data (i.e. back end) is ms-access. The login interface in the system makes it highly secure as anyone without access to the system cannot view or update the data. Different tools provided in the system for accessing the data such as order placing, warehousing, billing etc. makes it user friendly

Platform:-Java, Oracle
Role: - Designer & Developer
Duration: - 45 days
Institution:-ABC School of Engineering and Technology, New Delhi

Major Project(DIPLOMA-CSE)

Ø Project Title: - Secured Database Management System

DESCRIPTION:- This project presents a security model.  This model is based on a timing script. We provide Steganographic tools in order to avoid leakage of important information. Here we are inserting data at random positions in an image. We provide the authentication-manager who authenticates the multimedia documents that are coming to or moving from his monitoring station.  With these facilities the authorization manager console is secured and avoids unauthorized transfer of multimedia documents.

Platform:        Java, Oracle
Role:               Programmer & Database Designer
Duration :-     4 months
Institution:-ABC Polytechnic ,New Delhi

Technical Skills:

·        Languages: C, C++, JAVA
·        Scripting Language :HTML ,javascript(Prior Experience)
·        Operating Systems: Windows (XP,7,8),MS-DOS
·         Database Programming through SQL      
·         Database Management Servers
Oracle 10g
·         Android mobile Technology
Academic Achievements:
·         1st  Rank  in 10th examination in school.
·         1st  Rank  in Diploma College.
·         Stands in top 3 in B.Tech.

Subject of Interest:

·         Mobile Technology like Android, Cross platform mobile technology like Phonegap.
·         Web Designing (learning php).
·         Learning new languages.


·        Listening  hindi songs .
·        watching movies.
·        Cooking.

Personal Information:

Date Of Birth:
  18TH December 1992
Father’s Name
  Mr. M K Banerjee
  Hindi, English
Current Address:
  180 M G Road.New Delhi -xxxxxx

I hereby declare that the above furnished details are true and correct to the best of  my knowledge.   
                                                                                     Shweta Banerjee      


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