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ANUSHA KABRA, CFA                        E-mail:
                                                                                    Contact Nos.: 91-9000000000/91-9000000000                                                                
Career Objective

To create a niche for myself in the corporate sector so as to develop my skills and personality to the fullest and in the process offer valuable services to the organization.
Professional Experience                                                                                    

 Organization: ABC Pvt Ltd, Mumbai                                                                                                        April 08 – Till date
Department: Investment Research
Designation: Research Associate
  • Prepare detailed sector notes on Real Estate sector including in-depth analysis of real estate sector drivers for a top investment bank based in Middle East
  • Analysis of infrastructure spending in GCC countries
  • Project reports on Exchange Handbook

Organization: ABC Bank Ltd, Kolkata                                                                                                       February 05 – July 05
Department: Retail Liabilities Group
Designation: Senior Officer
  • Management & remittance of cash related activities
  • Officer-in-Charge of Evening Vault
  • Verification of vouchers
  • Customer Service Manager and Investment and Services Coordinator

Summer internship

Organization: ABC Company Limited, Mumbai                                                                                                          April 07 – May 07
Department: Capital Markets Group
Project Brief:
  • Understand the process of Loan against Shares and Loan against mutual funds
  • Analysis of the loan proposal, filling of the loan documents and monitoring the margins of the clients
  • Identification of the various risk factors in the activities of Capital Market Group
  • Comparison of the terms and conditions of BGFCL vis-à-vis its competitors

Professional qualifications

  • Master of Science in Finance, MS (Finance) by The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India, Hyderabad in 2004    
  • Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA by The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India, Hyderabad in 2004

Academic qualifications

Post Graduate Diploma in Management,
PGDM (Finance)   Institute of Management ABC          06-08                             7.53 (CGPA)        
Bachelor of Commerce           ABC College                            2004                              72.6%  
Class XII (WBHSCE)             ABC School, Kolkata               2001                            75.0%  
Class X    (ICSE)                    ABC Institute, Howrah              1999                            84.0%  


Other Certifications

  • NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM) - Derivatives Core Module
  • NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM) - Capital Market (Dealers) Module
  • AMFI- Mutual Funds (Advisors) Module

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Member, ABCs, Finance Forum, ABC, 2006-08
  • Participated in an inter B-school competition on M&A held at Institute of ABC-Chennai,2008
  • Member, Treasury Committee, Annual fest of ABC, 2007
  • Ranked 3rd in Battle of Sardis, an inter B-school competition on M&A, business valuation; held at ABC, 2007
  • Member, Leadership Training Service, ABC School, 1999-2001
  • Member, Social Service Unit, ABC School, 1999-2001

Achievements and awards

  • Awarded merit scholarship for securing fourth rank during first year of PGDM in ABC
  • Certificate of Merit for securing first position in Commerce department in school in Higher Secondary Exam
  • Certificate of Merit for scoring highest marks in English literature in school in Higher Secondary Exam
  • Certificate of Merit for securing second position in school in I.C.S.E.

Other projects

§  Authored a paper on ‘ABC’ for, 2006
§  Authored a paper on ‘Credit Derivatives’ for, 2007

Personal details

  • Date of Birth:  10TH February, 1983
  • Gender: Female
  • Address: 180 M G Road - 700000, West Bengal

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